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 Introducing Jean Luc Cornille, the Founder of Science of Motion to California

Meet Jean:

Jean Luc Cornille M.A.(M.Phil) has gained worldwide recognition by applying practical science to the training of the equine athlete. Influenced by his background as a gymnast, Jean Luc deeply understands how equine training can be enhanced by contemporary scientific research. A unique combination of riding skill, training experience and extensive knowledge of the equine physiology enables Jean Luc to “translate” scientific insights into a language comprehensible to both horse and rider. This approach has been the trademark of his training.

Jean Luc’s competitive career is as distinguished as it is diversified. Competing at national and international levels in dressage, steeplechase, stadium jumping and three-day events, he has won extensively in all specialties collecting several gold, silver and bronze medals. Notably, Jean Luc won the individual and team gold medal at the military world championship of Fontainebleau in 1975. In 1971, he won silver at the world championship of Punchestown. The following year, he was member of the winning team at Bokello. However, Jean Luc feels that his greatest success lies in his ability to intuit the physical and mental condition of each horse the day after their victories.

A 1968 graduate of the Equestrian Military School, Le Cadre Noir de Saumur, Jean Luc received intensive training from Joseph Neckerman, Willy Schulteis and Hans Gunter Winkler. In 1972 and 1976, respectively, he worked closely with Michel Cochenet to prepare two Olympic teams for the national three-day event. Margit Otto Crepin, the French and Olympic Champion, is one of Jean Luc’s most prominent dressage students.jean luc

Moving to the U.S. as dressage trainer for the 1984 Los Angeles Olumpic jumping team gold Gold medal, Melanie Smith at Windrush Farm, Jean Luc subsequently founded E. A. 21 in Orange, Virginia, from which he began an extensive program of clinics and seminars throughout the U.S.A., Europe and Canada. His work concentrates on applying the latest biomechanical research redefining traditional approaches to equine training.

Jean Luc began his publishing career in 1982 with a series of articles in the French equestrian magazine L’Eperon. His writing credits also include the U.S. magazines Dressage and CT and The Chronicle of the Horse. He continues to share his research and knowledge through clinics, lectures and social media, and as founder of Science Of Motion

Two day clinic featuring Jean Luc Cornille will be held

during the weekends of January 16, 2017 and December 14, 2017 at McTalley Manor.

The Science of Motion is a new approach to therapy which addresses the kinematics abnormalities causing pathological changes instead of treating the pathological changes – the damages. The successes of this therapeutic approach underline the capacity of the horse’s physique to heal efficiently or, as it is the case with kissing spine, to live with the problem, as long as the source of the abnormal stress has been corrected.

Every horse moves differently and since none move perfectly, especially with a rider on their back, minor defects in the gait(s) will eventually result in lameness. As with human athletes, careful analysis of how a horse moves and the use of an individualized training program will enhance performance and rehabilitate injuries, including those injuries resulting in chronic lameness. The Science of Motion is a new approach to training and therapy, which is based upon identifying and correcting the specific gait abnormalities inherent in each horse. This approach is developed by Jean Luc Cornille, an international Three-Day Event rider and trainer, who extensively studies equine movement. His skill, experience, and research allow him to perfect methods that can be used to correct the imperfections of gait that causes lameness and inhibits a horse from reaching its full athletic potential. The approach developed as the Science of Motion has been successfully utilized to rehabilitate many different chronic disabilities and re-educate a horse’s natural response to training and riding.  Lameness issues that cannot be solved through traditional and alternative therapies can be resolved by acting on the source of all body movements, the horse’s vertebral column.

The dilemma is to figure how the rider may possibly access and influence the horse’s vertebral column’s biomechanical properties. The Science of Motion’s response is to combine the actual understanding of the vertebral column mechanism and the teaching of great masters. The biokinematics of the equine vertebral column, and consequently the kinematics of the limbs, quality of the gait(s), and the horse’s ability to perform at its utmost potential, while remaining sound, is influenced by the biomechanical properties of the rider’s vertebral column. This is a fundamentally new approach. Correct orchestration of the horse vertebral column properties not only allows the horse to perform better and remain sound, but re-educations once not even considered are now truly possible. For More Info: www.scienceofmotion.com

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For More Information Please Contact Us at 909-241-6334

For More Information Please Contact Us at 909-241-6334

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Relaxed private boarding facility in the serene hills of Banning, California.  McTalley Manor is owned by Merijane McTalley, a USEF Sports Horse Judge and a breeder of dressage horses.

A 16-acre ranch that is friendly with country charm yet city close.  We keep the coffee piping hot and are equipped with clean restroom and shower for our clients. We also have a horse library with video and books.

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Available Amenities

  • Box stalls and box stalls with corrals
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  • paddock
  • fly system
  • brand new Nelson waterers with consumption meter
  • watered arena with new footing
  • night lights
  • round pen
  • customize feeding regimen for your horse needs
  • brushing, blanketing and turnout availability
  • owner and caretaker on site
  • cleaning 7 days a week