About McTalley Manor

We are breeders of elite sport horses since 1988 in Banning, CA. Our philosophy is to breed the best to the best. With significant emphasis on the mare.


The foundation of an excellent breeding program begins with strong mares. In addition we provide the best care and nutrition for optimum growth and development.

Let's go back a few years, where it all began...
Beano and Merijane, age 9.
MJ 9 yr old.jpg

Merijane age 16

Merijane riding for Cal Poly Pomona

MJ 16 yo.jpeg

Merijane and Foundation mare Harmony age 23

Harmony 23 yo and MJ.jpg

Bulowa at Santa Barbara Horse Show on Cal Poly mare

Grandson on Buttons

With next generation went to Poland, of course, to also look at a horse.  Then onto Vienna for the Spanish Riding School.

Spanish Riding School.jpg
Kelly in Warsaw.jpg

Granddaughter continues the passion

Kelly Riding2.jpg
Friends made thru the love of horses

Off to the Netherlands for KWPN Stallion Show

Stallion Show in Netherlands.jpg
Lifelong dream came true, 2018. Horse Van
About Horses.jpg
horse Van 2018.jpg
Three amigos.jpg

Nice to walk from the house into the barn.  A horseman's dream

the barn.png

Top 5s in the nation

Top 5.png